Cebu Monthly Flea Market Pushes for “Wasteless Movement”

We are not to throw away those things which can benefit our neighbor.
Goods are called good because they can be used for good:
they are instruments for good, in the hands of those who use them properly.
— Clement of Alexandria (150?–220?)

Poster by Malot Aznar (1)

Poster by Malot Aznar

CREATED by Diana Quartin, the #Wasteless: Cebu Monthly Flea Market aims to make “a better Cebu where things don’t get wasted” and, instead, get passed on to other people’s hands.” Now approaching its third month — the first one held last March 19, the second one last April 19, and the most recent last May 15, all at Handuraw Pizza Gorordo — the event continues to promote the “wasteless movement” and sets a trend being the first and only monthly flea market in the city.


Nikie Jabonero-Larano’s sexy stall!


Inexpensive items and secondhand articles such as shoes, clothes, DVDs, accessories, handmade items, scarves, kimono tops, palazzo pants, wristband flash drives, cameras, a washing machine, deodorants, swimwear, board shorts, kitchen supplies, PCs and PC parts, books, magazines, and crochet items were sold at the flea market. Local arts and crafts entrepreneurs like Gama Hand Crafts and Lilila Primitive Art also participated and sold their items.

Ten percent of the sales will go to the elected foundation of the month: on the first month, it went to Pandoo Foundation, an NGO that funds and leads outreach efforts in Southeast Asia (also tied with Pandoo Nation, an innovative online game world for kids), and on the second month, it went to EN/Ability’s building of the rehabilitation village for children with special needs in Borbon. EN/Ability is an organization whose “purpose is to develop sustainable and cost-effective programs to provide early detection and intervention for underserved children in Cebu Province who are at developmental risk, and to empower families in the care of their children with developmental delays.”


Malot Aznar's Books

Malot Aznar’s Books on the rush!

During the event, Angel Briones, vice president of the EN/Ability Project, gave a brief lecture on occupational, physical, and speech therapy. She also lectured on how to do an assessment for kids with special needs and on giving home exercise programs for them. Doogie Pagaduan followed up with a lecture on the dangerous effects of plastic and on how to make a cleaner and greener Cebu by reducing plastic usage.


Ukelele Cebu

Last month’s flea market was open from noon until evening, and all throughout the event, a duet from Ukelele Cebu charmed the buyers with their serenades. With food, pizzas, drinks, music, and affordable, beautiful stuff all in one place, the event is also perfect for a weekend recreation with family and friends. And to those who are interested in joining the event, you can visit their Facebook page, Cebu’s Monthly Fleamarket, for updates.

(Published on Sun.Star Weekend: May 29, 2016)


Cheers to TINTA! A Toast to Another Bottle of Ink!

We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute.
We read and write poetry because
we are members of the human race.
—Sir John Keating, Dead Poets Society

ON THE TENDER NIGHT of the 27th of February 2016, at the 2nd floor of Handuraw Pizza, Gorordo, TINTA of University of the Philippines (UP) Cebu marked its 13th monthly poetry reading, or “Basa Balak,” which was handsomely titled “Kasumaran: Pisik sa mga Tinagsip” (Anniversary: A Splatter of Fragments), as a year already passed since TINTA started breaking ground into the city’s literary landscape.

Denver Torres (Photo by Rika Castro)

Denver Torres

Karla Quimsing (Photo by Rika Castro)

Karla Quimsing

TINTA hosted their largest crowd yet. In attendance were established Cebuano writers Denver Torres, Jona Bering, Karla Quimsing, Anthony Kintanar, and Larry Ypil; various members of the Nomads and BATHALAD, two of the literary circles in Cebu; TINTA poets Jae Magdadaro, Monica Manluluyo, Reyna Cadiz, Astrid Ilano, and Tara Angela Prieto; and Cebu-based start-up Suwh(a)t, whose soulfully hand-crafted notebooks served as prizes for the trivia and “tigmo” session. The audience, mainly composed of youths who brought their own poems, songs, and anecdotes into the open mike segment, contributed largely to the full house event.

Anthony Kintanar (Photo by Rika Castro)

Anthony Kintanar

Suw(h)at is a Cebu-based crafts start-up that seeks to empower individuality and thoughts through carefully crafted and personalized notebooks/paper products. (Photo by Rika Castro)

Suw(h)at is a Cebu-based crafts start-up that seeks to empower individuality and thoughts through carefully crafted and personalized notebooks/paper products.

Overwhelmed by the growing multitude of people appreciating the monthly poetry nights, Tara Angela Prieto, TINTA’s incumbent chairperson and also a graduating psychology student, envisioned a “stronger patronization to these literary events.”

TINTA Chairperson Tara Angela Prieto (Photo by Rika Castro)

TINTA Chairperson Tara Angela Prieto

A Rorschach Test

When the first verses were penned by its founding chairperson, Romeo Nicolas Bonsocan, on June 16, 2011, TINTA no sooner became UP Cebu’s official—and only—creative writing organization. With the guidance and support of Lilia Tio, Januar Yap, and Shane Carreon and the commitment of the group’s members, TINTA, which was initially born of the idea of having an essential creative outlet and “interest-based organization” for students, assumed the form of an inkblot smeared not just in the school walls but also in the walls of contemporary Cebuano literature.

Outside the school’s wrought iron gates, TINTA conducted their own love letter writing contest (2013; the awards night was held at the painfully missed beauty of La Belle Aurore) as well as a literary awards night (2014; this was held at UP Cebu) that drew participants from different universities.

Going in for the Quill

The organization was formerly named “Mga Alagad sa Dagang” (The Order of the Quill). Now, other than being the Cebuano translation for “ink,” TINTA also stands for “Tunob” (footprint), “Iwag” (light), “Nasod” (country), “Talento” (talent), “Alampat” (art)—five components that serve as the organization’s cornerstones.

TINTA’s groundwork activities are to “read, write, and inspire.” They practice their craft through sharing, engaging in discussion, and getting involved in the development of national literature. They also hold several workshops, where they are mentored by Cebu’s literary heroes.

Now stepping into their 5th year, TINTA continues to influence a generation of young writers to move toward a renewal—or a revolution, if you will—of Cebuano literature.

(Published on Sun.Star Weekend: March 13, 2016; photos by Rika Castro)